iEventsplus 活动管理与奖励旅游大会
Event Management, MICE, Incentive Travel, PR, Hospitiality, Customer Engagement

Based on the enthusiastic market response from the first iEventsplus summit. The "2nd Event Management and Incentive Travel Summit"(iEventsplus) will be held on 26th-27th October, 2017, with grand opening in Shanghai. The conference derives the successful experience from the 1st event in 2016, covering with richer speech topics such as event management, corporate meeting, incentive travel, interactive marketing, business hospitality as well as compliance management.

With the user behaviour changes brought by internet and mobile terminal, as well as the penetrating reform in traditional conference and the event schedule, it is thus critical for corporations and event organisers to adopt the innovative thinking and measures to enhance the ROI of the traditional incentive travel and event activities. The summit will discuss on how to combine and utilise innovative technology, internet, social networking, creative event forms and other innovative means to achieve goals, such as product marketing, consumers and employees’ recognition to corporate  brand and cultural implantation.

Furthermore, through innovative methods such as case sharing, roundtable discussions, one-to-one meetings, banquet dinners, offsite visit and experience, resources, inspection and other means to integrate buyers’ real needs with the corresponding suppliers. iEventsplus will carry the event practitioners' dream, with the support and efforts of all parties, to establish a well-known event learning platform, communication, exchange, sharing and experience platform in China.


Innovation and trend of international event market.
Create the new enterprise welfare system from incentive travel
New tech to enhance customer engagement: Interactive and immersive practice
How does VR and AR impact event management
Event management innovation in digital age
New trend of conference marketing
Using social media to reach key clients
Increase engagement at your next event
Case study of Art and Business event combination
Combination of sports event and corporate hospitality 
Plant extended content and innovation ideas-to create surprise and excellent experiences
Luxury customized cruise line development for corporate 
How to design an impressive incentive program of overseas destination
Employee engagement & cultural immersion from incentive travel
Legal risk and case analyze of incentive travel
Compliance application case study from corporate 
Payment solution during incentive travel program
Internal control of company policy and regulation and control of violations
Overall risk assessment application to reduce risk for incentive travel



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